06 October 2012

Republicans Pray for Victory

Is that G.O.P. or should it be G.O.D?
I don't care if someone is a Republican or a Democrat concerning political issues, if s/he is basing political views on reasonable information and thought processes.  However, as an article by Adam Lee points out, far-right Christian Republicans may have totally lost their reason.

For example, they blame a mysterious bird-kill in Arkansas on Obama's support of gays and lesbians to serve openly in the military.

Say, what?

I am a non-believer, but if I believed in an all-knowing, all caring god, I'd certainly be outraged if I was sure he killed a bunch of innocent birds because he's angry at a president's political policy.

I'm not totally enamored with the Democrats at the moment, but at least Obama doesn't think he might be wearing magic underwear. And I haven't heard one Democrat who thinks that God gives women secret defenses to avoid pregnancy as a result of rape.

Read Adam Lee's article "Republicans Pray for Victory" HERE. It is both scary and amusing. The article has many links to more information.


Snowbrush said...

C Woods, it's you! You're alive! I thought for sure that God had smitten you dead for your sacrilege, so I'm awfully glad that Satan stepped in and saved you so that you might go on promoting reason and thereby leading people to his fiery domain. At least there's one thing a person can say in favor of hell, and it is that no one who goes there will have to suffer through even one cold winter.

You know, your blog is important to me, both because it's well written and because I've followed it for a few years now, and I just naturally get attached to that which I stay with, so here's to many more years of blasphemy from you.

Snowbrush said...

Well, I'm back to your last post that I read. As for killing birds, you'll recall the herd of pigs that Jesus allowed evil spirits to inhabit, after which the pigs ran over a cliff. So, the god of the Bible would certainly have no problem with killing birds.

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