27 March 2009


Below you will find a few of the questions you can find on a Bible quiz on the Freedom From Religion Foundation website.

What Do You Really Know
About The Bible?

1. What is the last of the Ten Commandments?
     a. Don't steal.
     b. Don't covet your neighbor's wife and property.
     c. Don't boil a young goat in the milk of its mother.
     d. Love your neighbor as yourself.

2. What is the penalty for working on the Sabbath?
     a. You will be stoned to death.
     b. Neither you nor your offspring to the 5th generation can
          enter the tabernacle.
     c. You should sacrifice two unblemished she goats.
     d. You will be disinherited from the kingdom.

3. What is God's name?
     a. Jealous.
     b. Righteous.
     c. Holy.
     d. Jehovah.

HINT: If you don't know the answer, choose the one that sounds incredibly ridiculous.  You won't get them all right, but you're sure to earn a higher score than by blind guessing.

See the answers to these three questions below.
For the full 50 question quiz, click HERE.

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When you need a good laugh,
find more Bible Quizzes at the
parody web site for the
Landover Baptist Church

More information on the Bible can be found
on the FFRF site by clicking
  HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE.

Quiz Answers: 

1. c      2. a      3. a

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