13 March 2009


April 10-12 , 2009

The theme of the 2009 blogswarm, as always, is support of  Separation of Church and State. Variations on the theme are many.  This is not meant to be a bashing of religion ---one can believe what they choose, however they choose —-but it is a reminder that the Government should keep out of religion, and Religion should keep out of the government.

I have created several logos (read restrictions below) which you are welcome to copy and paste on your own "Blog Against Theocracy" post. 

Or you can create a logo of your own or use one created by others that can be found HERE.

To participate in the blogswarm.

1. Write a post in support of our United States Constitution, specifically regarding the Separation of Church and State. You can write your post anytime, but the blogswarm takes place Easter Weekend, April 10-12.

2. Send the URL of your post via this online form, and add any comments you would like to appear with your link. Make sure you provide the permalink to your post and not just your blog.

3. Sit back and enjoy the hits.

For more information go directly to the Blog Against Theocracy site.

Feel free to chose one of these logos (below) to add to your blog for the purpose of supporting Church/State Separation for the 2009 Blog Against Theocracy event. I only request that, close to the logo,  you add "Used with permission from My Thoughts Are Free" with a link to this URL: http://tirelesswing.blogspot.com

These logos may not be used for any other purpose without permission from this blog owner.


libhom said...

Are the logos yours or do they belong to the people running the blog against theocracy? If they are yours, I would like to use the top one to do a reminder post about it on my blog.

C Woods said...

Thank you for your interest in Blog Against Theocracy. The logos posted here are mine, which I designed and which you may use with the restrictions I listed.

There is also a link closer to the top of this post to other logos which I believe can also be copied and used. Or, of course, you may design your own.

libhom said...

Great. I used the first one in my reminder notice.

sarniaskeptic said...

I'm in. I'm looking at ways that I can do more than just "blog against theocracy", though.

If only my belief system promised me 72 virgins in the after-life, I might consider flying planes.. wait, they didn't do that because of their religion - it was because they were poor and uneducated people who were desperate. (What?? They were highly educated and not poor? Then there must have been some other (non-religious) reason.. )

For how strident or "pissed" atheists are said to be, they never seem to be able to muster up much more than a letter writing campaign. :)

I'll be blogging against theocracy - you can count on that!

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