27 February 2009


        Several times a week I pass three or four churches with signs in front. They always have a supposedly inspirational saying, quotation, or Bible verse. I often wish I had my camera with me, because while many are clever, some are inane or just plain funny. 
       I wish I could remember all of them, but of course, I usually forget one as soon as I pass it. The only one I can remember seeing lately was: "With God, expect the unexpected." My question is, if one believes in God and one believes he answers prayers, wouldn't a believer expect the expected rather than the unexpected with God? Wouldn't a believer think that an atheist would be more likely to anticipate the unexpected?

        Recently I found CHURCH SIGN GENERATOR online, where anyone can make his/her own church sign. There are 17 different designs to choose from. You can choose font styles, make up the name of your own "church" and add any short saying or quoation to your sign.  On some you can choose a symbol (Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, atheist, or Brights, for example) and change the colors. You can save your completed signs to your computer. (I copied mine and pasted them in Photoshop and saved them as jpg files.) 
        So click on the link and make your own UN-CHURCH signs. Be sure to leave a comment that includes the url to your results.

        Below you will find a few of my meager efforts. (I made up the names of the "churches" ---if by chance I chose the name of a real organization, oops!)

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