25 August 2009

CHRISTIANS BEHAVING BADLY #12 expelling other Christians

(imagine how they would treat non-believers)

According to Compass Direct News (News From the Frontlines of Persecution) on July 13th - 17th, Catholics in Mexico tore 57 evangelical Christians from their homes in Hidalgo and Oaxaca for refusing to join religious festivals consisting of drunken native rituals and the worship of Catholic icons, which the evangelicals regard as idol worship.
Expelled Christians lost their lands and crops after being dragged from their homes. In some instances members of the group have been threatened with violence or death. They have not been allowed to earn money for food, nor tend to their crops or plant for the new crop season. Children have been denied school registration.
In Los Parajes, Catholics offered to allow the evangelicals to return if they denied their faith and paid approximatelyly $14,000 in fines, but the expelled Christians refused.
Read the full story HERE.

What ever happened to "LOVE THEY NEIGHBOR...."?
I am an atheist, but I would never deny someone the right to worship as they believe, or refuse to worship what they do not believe, a long as they were not hurting anyone or infringing on the rights of others.
This is just one example of how hypocritical religious people can be.
It is just one more example that demonstrates religion does not bring people together, but divides us. When one thinks s/he is in possession of the "truth" it justifies any behavior in the name of God.

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libhom said...

This is a symptom of the broader conflict between Catholics and evangelical Christians in Latin America. In Guatemala, a fundamentalist leader a while back persecuted Catholics.

Religion is the root of so much evil.

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