20 April 2011


This has little to do with freethought or religion, but I am posting it here anyway.

My husband and I are retired and on fixed incomes. We already had some taxes automatically deducted from my pension. In addition we paid a substantial amount in estimated taxes. And just last week, I paid an additional $2500+ to the IRS.

I'm not one to complain about paying taxes. I know they go toward improving roads, education, healthcare, creating jobs and helping the unemployed and others less fortunate than I. I am glad my taxes go to fulfill my country's needs.

What I do object to is the wealthiest of American corporations and citizens who have received huge tax breaks, including many of the CEOs who are responsible for our current economic mess.

I don't mind paying taxes, I just don't want to pay an unfair share of the tax burden.

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Snowbrush said...

I like Big Mike, and I'm glad you posted this.

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