09 March 2009


Below, you will find just a part of my lengthy list of freethinkers, which include agnostics, atheists, brights, deists, humanists, materialists, milesians, pantheists, rationalists, skeptics and other champions of church and state separation.

There are obviously many more names I could add, but in order to keep the list manageable, I listed the names I thought the average educated person might recognize.

See also:

Philip Jose Farmer (writer)
Jules Feiffer (writer, cartoonist)
W. C. Fields (actor)
Harvey Fierstein (actor)
Carrie Fisher (actress/writer)
F. Scott Fitzgerald (writer)
Gustave Flaubert (writer)
Ken Follett (writer)
Henry Fonda (actor)
Harrison Ford (actor)
E. M. Forster (writer)
Jodie Foster (actor)
John Fowles (writer)
Benjamin Franklin (writer, inventor, founding father, ambassador)
Sigmund Freud (psychiatrist)
Betty Friedan (feminist writer)
Kinky Friedman (writer)
Milton Friedman (economist)
Erich Fromm (writer)
Robert Frost (poet)
Buckminster Fuller (architect)
Matilda Joslyn Gage (feminist, writer)
John Kenneth Galbraith (economist)
Mohandes Gandhi (Indian political and spiritual leader)
Bill Gates (businessman, philanthropist)
George Gershwin (composer)
Ira Glass (public radio host)
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (writer)
Whoopi Goldberg (actor)
Emma Goldman (writer)
Maxim Gorky (playwright)
Marjoe Gortner (child evangelist)
Stephen J. Gould (paleontologist)
U.S. Grant (Civil War General & 18th U.S. President)
Graham Greene (writer)
Germaine Greer (writer)
Kathy Griffin (actor)
Edmund Halley (astronomer, mathematician)
Yip Harburg (lyricist: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” 100’s of other songs)
Sam Harris (writer)
Harry Harrison (writer)
James A. Haught (journalist)
Stephen Hawking (physicist)
Hugh Hefner (publisher)
Robert Heinlein (writer)
Joseph Heller (writer)
Katharine Hepburn (actor)
Ernest Hemingway (writer)
Thor Heyerdahl (adventurer)
Sir Edmund Hillary (mountaineer, explorer)
Ayaan Hirsi-Ali (Dutch feminist, writer, politician)
Christopher Hitchens (writer)
Eric Hoffer (social writer)
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. (Supreme Court Justice)
Oliver Wendell Holmes Sr. (physician, writer)
Langston Hughes (writer)
Victor Hugo (writer)
John Huston (actor/director)
Aldous Huxley (writer)
Julian Huxley (biologist)
Thomas Huxley (biologist)
Henrik Ibsen (playwright)
Eric Idle (actor/writer)
Robert Ingersoll (Civil War veteran, orator)
John Irving (writer)
Molly Ivins (journalist)
Eddie Izzard (actor, comedian)
Thomas Jefferson (3rd U.S. President)
Billy Joel (singer, songwriter)
Elton John (singer, songwriter)
Angelina Jolie (actor)
Scott Joplin (composer)
James Joyce (writer)
Carl Jung (psychiatrist)

I welcome additions to this list.
Please leave additional names in comments.
I will be updating it frequently.

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