11 March 2009


Below, you will find just a part of my lengthy list of freethinkers, which include agnostics, atheists, brights, deists, humanists, materialists, milesians, pantheists, rationalists, skeptics and other champions of church and state separation.

There are obviously many more names I could add, but in order to keep the list manageable, I listed the names I thought the average educated person might recognize.

See also:

Abigail Adams (2nd First Lady)
Douglas Adams (writer)
John Adams (2nd U.S. President)
John Quincy Adams (6th U.S. President)
Edward Albee (playwright)
Alan Alda (actor)
Ethan Allen (American revolutionary)
Steve Allen (songwriter, TV personality, writer)
Woody Allen (writer, actor, director)
Robert Altman (director)
Jorge Amado (Brazilian writer)
Sir Kingsley Amis (writer)
Eric Ambler (writer)
Susan B. Anthony (civil rights leader)
Aristotle (Greek philosopher)
Lance Armstrong (athelete)
Isaac Asimov (writer/scientist)
Sir David Attenborough (naturalist)
Margaret Atwood (writer)
Francis Bacon (philosopher)
Kevin Bacon (actor)
Clara Barton (nurse, humanitarian)
Russell Baker (writer)
Antonio Banderas (actor)
Dan Barker (freethought activist, former evangelical minister)
Dave Barry (writer, humorist)
Simone de Beauvoir (writer, philosopher)
Ludwig van Beethoven (composer)
Ingmar Bergman (director)
Irving Berlin (wrote “White Christmas”, “Easter Parade” and “God Bless America”)
Sarah Bernhardt (French actress)
Ambrose Bierce (writer)
Georges Bizet (composer)
William Blake (writer)
Bill Blass (fashion designer)
Dirk Bogarde (actor)
Simon Bolivar (South American revolutionary leader)
Rosa Bonheur (painter)
Margaret Bourke-White (photographer)
David Bowie (musician)
Johannes Brahams (composer)
Marlon Brando (actor)
Richard Branson (entrepreneur)
Robert Browning (writer)
Pearl Buck (writer)
Warren Buffet (businessman, philanthopist)
Luther Burbank (botanist)
Sir Richard F Burton (explorer)
Lord Byron (writer)
Albert Camus (writer)
George Carlin (comedian)
Andrew Carnegie (industrialist)
Johnny Carson (TV host)
Fidel Castro (revolutionary, Cuban leader)
Catherine the Great (Russian ruler)
Dick Cavett (TV host)
Charlie Chaplin (actor)
Noam Chomsky (philosopher)
Winston Churchill (British prime minister)
Marcus Tullius Cicero (Roman philosopher, statesman)
Sir Arthur C. Clarke (writer)
Georges Clemenceau (French Prime Minister)
George Clooney (actor)
Samuel Taylor Coleridge (writer)
Billy Connolly (comedian, actor)
Aaron Copland (composer)
Noel Coward (actor, playwright, composer)
Quentin Crisp (writer)
David Cronenberg (filmmaker)
E. E. Cummings (writer)
Marie Curie (physicist, chemist)
Clarence Darrow (lawyer)
Charles Darwin (naturalist)
Richard Dawkins (biologist, writer)
Eugene Debs (labor leader, reformer)
Claude Debussy (composer)
Eugene Delacroix (artist)
Daniel Dennett (philosopher)
John Dewey (philosopher)
Phyllis Diller (comedian)
Isak Dineson (writer)
Charles Dickens (writer)
Emily Dickenson (writer)
Marlena Dietrich (actor)
Phil Donahue (TV host)
Frederick Douglass (abolitionist)
Arthur Conan Doyle (writer)
Richard Dreyfus (actor)
David Duchovny (actor)
Patrick Duffy (actor)
Isodora Duncan (dancer)
Roger Ebert (film critic)
Thomas Edison (inventor)
Bart Ehrman (New Testament scholar)
Albert Einstein (physicist)
George Eliot (writer)
Ralph Waldo Emerson (writer, philosopher)
Friedrich Engles (economist, writer)
Epicurus (Greek philosopher)

I welcome additions to this list.
Please leave additional names in comments.
I will be updating it frequently.

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