10 February 2009



In my attempt to show that being religious
is not a guarantee of moral behavior,
this post is a part of my series of reports featuring the
bad behavior of religious people, past or present....

Look for other posts showing the bad behavior
perpetrated by members of other religious groups..

In November 2008, Reuters reported that Oregon Jesuits had settled a sexual abuse claim in Alaska for $50 million.
"It seems that Alaska was a dumping ground for predators," said Barbara Blaine, president of the Chicago-based Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. The settlement covered 110 victims in native villages. "What happened in these villages was that they sent in a predator and people there had no contact with the outside world for four, five or six months, and during that time a guy could abuse every child. There is a whole generation of children who were abused."
Ken Roosa of Anchorage, Alaska, one of the victims' attorneys, said, "In some villages, it is difficult to find an adult who was not sexually violated by men who used religion and power to rape, shame and then silence hundreds of Alaska Native children. Despite all this, no Catholic religious leader has yet to admit that problem priests were dumped in Alaska.”
On February 5, 2009 The Seattle Times reported that 29 more plaintiffs were added to a similar suit which was filed in January in which 43 Alaskan Natives claimed they had been abused as children and teens by Jesuits or those supervised by Jesuits. Claims range from fondling to rape.
According to Insurance Journal, an investigator in those and similar cases in Alaska, Patrick J. Wall of Newport Beach, Calif., said 28 Jesuit priests accused of sexual misconduct against young parishioners in previously resolved lawsuits, pending lawsuits and others which have yet to be filed were sent to the Fairbanks Diocese from 10 other provinces, including four overseas.
Roosa said, "It was a pedophile's paradise.” Operating in impoverished hamlets far from police agencies in a diocese where the bishop also was a Jesuit, those priests were the ultimate local authority.
The Seattle Post-Intelligencer reported that Rev, Patrick J. Lee, the current provincial issued a statement last month through a spokesman stating that Jesuits were assigned to the Fairbanks Diocese at their own request because of their “deep desire to spread the gospel.”
It should be noted that Jesuits are “The Society of Jesus.” One can hardly find a group more “Christian” than that.


Lee said...

The depressing thing is that these people don't see themselves as behaving badly.

BTW: why do you have moderation AND word verification? I understand moderation - the nature of your blog will attract the wackos - but verification is just a pain.

C Woods said...

Lee ---Good question. I see so many blogs where people have removed verification, then received a ton of spam and were forced to re-add the verification. I will remove it to see how it goes. If I am hit with spam, I'll turn it back on.

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