30 January 2009


I was going to post some comments here of my own, but I found a wonderful post on another blog that says so much about women and religion. 

Women and Religion
Black Woman Thinks

"I recently had a conversation with a friend and at the root of the discussion was the question: Why are women so susceptible to supernatural dogma?

"The answer may lie in the fact that so many women feel disempowered in societies where religion and other forms of the supernatural are promoted.

"Women are usually at the bottom of the 'pecking order': white men, black men, white women, black women/'women of colour' (as a crude example), in that order. Professional religious promoters usually target women......

Click here for more on Women and Religion from Black Woman Thinks blog post of 7/03/08

1 comment:

libhom said...

I think the correlation between powerlessness and religion works the other way too. Religion socializes people to feel powerless, which is in the interest of people with power.

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