14 November 2011


Snowbrush wrote:

If I were to make a list of things that I would like for believers to know about atheists, the first one would be: “To deny god is not to deny the possibility of meaning. Kindness, patience, nobility, a passion for truth, and every other virtue are no less important to atheists than they are to theists. The difference between them is simply that the one attributes our knowledge of right and wrong to god, and the other to the social evolution of the species to which we owe our existence.”
---used with permission from Snowbrush's blog which can be found HERE.

See the post on which he wrote the above HERE.
See Snowbrush's take on Does God Exist? HERE.


Snowbrush said...

Why thank you for having honored me so!

C Woods said...

To Snowbrush:

Thank you for being such an articulate and rational person ---one who I am always glad to quote.

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