01 February 2009

Roy Zimmerman sings about TED HAGGARD

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Anyone from outside of the U.S. may have missed the story of Ted Haggard. He was the head of the New Life Church and president of the National Evangelical Association, an evangelical group that oversaw 45,000 churches. He was a confidant of George W. Bush with whom he had a weekly phone conversation about what Jesus wanted the government to do. Haggard was outspoken about the evils of homosexuality.

Well.... that was until Mike Jones, the man he paid for gay sex, informed the media about their monthly interludes which included Haggard's use of crystal meth. Of course, Haggard denied the charges, but eventually admitted to the gay sex. He said he bought the meth once, but threw the drugs away without using them.

Now he is saying that he is a heterosexual with "issues."
(Read more about sex and religion on my post "Is Religion a Guarantee of Moral behavior? Part I" which can be found HERE.)

Please enjoy this humorous song by Roy Zimmerman called "Ted Haggard is Completely Heterosexual." It is a gem.

(Note: The reference at the end is to another U.S. evangelist, Oral Roberts.)

Other humorous religion-related videos by Roy Zimmerman:


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