13 May 2010

DOES GOD EXIST? "Snowbrush" answers the question

I've been following the SNOWBRUSH blog for quite a while. Snowbrush is the screen name of a man who grew up in Bible-belt Mississippi and now lives in Oregon. He has been blogging since 2003.

There are several posts on his blog explaining his religious and non-religious background, including his post of 5/12/10, "Does God exist? Why I think the answer is no" which is a well-thought-out explanation of his reasons for being a non-believer.

Check it out and while you are there, check out some of Snowbrush's other posts, too. Snowbrush is an interesting character and has many tales to tell.


Snowbrush said...

I am touched and honored to be mentioned on your blog and to be spoken of so appreciatively.

I just noticed that the quotation at the top of the page is by Ingersoll. I once had his collected works. I bought them from the widow of a black preacher in Mississippi, and have always wondered how he obtained them and how he used them I sold them to Powell's (in Portland, Oregon) some years ago in an attempt to keep books from taking over the house, and I have often regretted doing so.

C Woods said...

Luckily my library has several sets of Ingersoll's complete works. It's actually not my local library, but one in a large metro area. We order books online then pick them up once a week at one of the outlying areas of the city, about 20 miles from home. And when I can't find something there, they will search the rest of the state, and sometimes beyond to find a book I want to read. Except for reference books on a very few subjects, I stopped buying books. Instead, I donate to the library so they can purchase books for me and many others to enjoy. Most of the ones I own collect dust most of the time, anyway.

Rita said...

Yes snowbrush is an interesting character & has become a regular part of my morning cup of tea blog purusing as is this blog. :)

I got rid of a couple hundred books when I downsized after my divorce & kept only one box of my very favorites.
I don't have time to read much anyway, but I've taken to listening audio books (while exercising, doing housework, etc..)& am getting quite a collection of those. I don't get them at the local library because I don't care for their shallow selection of murder mysteries & New York Times best sellers.

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