07 April 2009

Please Participate - 2009's BLOG AGAINST THEOCRACY


If you support the
and you have a blog,
please participate in the
2009 event April 10-12
by posting something in support of
church/state separation and
against religious interference in
government or government support
of religion or religious organizations.

For more information on this year's event
and some logos you may use on your own
blog click HERE.


libhom said...

I look forward to participating. Thanks for publicizing it.

David said...

Thank you for visiting Sugarloaf Mountain. I am sorry that you do not believe in the creator. I will pray that He opens your vision to the truth of supreme reality. Praying is what I do, although of helping hands, I have two that are quite busy.
The Ingersoll quote was simplistic.

C Woods said...

David, If you want to waste your time in prayer, go right ahead. But I guarantee it will do no good.

David was referring to the Ingersoll quote: “Hands that help are nobler than lips that pray.” It may be simple, but not simplistic. In my experience, I found it to be true.

Snave said...

C. Woods, I found you over at Lew's place. Come take a look at my current post about religious-based censorship in my little NE Oregon town.

Count me in for the April 10-12 thing. I might need a reminder, but I have more than enough thoughts on that issue to do my part in raising awareness.

I don't believe in Christianity or any other religion, but it doesn't bother me at all if people practice such things... as long as they don't try and force it on me. I get pretty ticked off by some of the more vocal Christian fundamentalists here in America who claim Christians are persecuted. Try admitting you're an atheist or agnostic in a religiously conservative town or area, and see how you get treated.

I don't know the poll numbers, but didn't one poll say that something like 80% or more of Americans believe in God? If this is true, how can the 80% be persecuted by the few percent who aren't sure or who are professed non-believers?

And I don't think their "values" are under attack as much as they think. When the beehive mentality gets going, it's probably pretty easy to get worked up about what you believe, and if you want to see your beliefs spread, it's probably pretty easy to perceive anyone who doesn't follow your line as "persecuting" you.

To paraphrase Dubya, "If this were a theocracy, it'd be a heck of a lot easier, just so long as I'm the high priest."

Angela said...

C. Woods, thanks for visiting my blog!

I definitely understand how you feel - last year on myspace my husband's aunt took offense to a pro-gay rights bulletin I posted (don't I sound like I'm in junior high right now?). I have two lesbian sisters, one of them is my best friend and I'll do anything I can to secure her the same rights I have. Well this aunt responded with a variety of bible verses to chastise me and couldn't be more shocked when I told her that both her nephew and I do not in fact believe in her god. I was immediately defriended and apparently have started a fued between us city dwellers and their entire town of 500. Per my sister-in-law I have been further denounced in my Obama enthusiasm (just another one of the drones, aren't I?). I can't say it hasn't been fun though - human beings thrive on drama and I'm certainly no different!

I'm looking forward to seeing more of your point of view :)

Diane said...

I know EXACTLY what I'll be posting! In fact, I think I'll do the draft today so I don't forget (which is, sadly, my way).

Thanks so much for your comment on my most recent post. It was much appreciated. I LOVE the label 'freethinker' and I think I'll be adding it to my profile, right next to 'liberal-minded non-conformist.'

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